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Welcome to Kindergarten
I'm so excited about all of the fun we will have learning this year! Kindergarten is such an exciting time where the possibilities are endless! We hope you will enjoy this wonderful adventure wth us!
Class Schedule
7:55 - Students begin arriving
8:05 - Announcements, Attendance, and Morning Meeting
8:15 - English Language Arts
10:20 - Morning Recess
10:45 - Snack
11:00 - Math
12:20 - Lunch
12:55 - Recess
1:15 - Science/Social Studies
2:10 - Specials
3:15 - Dismissal
On-going Homework Suggestions
Reading - Read for at least 15 minutes with your child each night.
*Talk about the characters and setting.
*Retell the story with the beginning, middle, and end.

Writing - Try to practice a form of natural writing each night.
*Note to Grandma
*Help make a grocery list
*Draw a picture and label the parts
*Keep a diary of the best part of your day.
*Write about the book you read.

Math - Use math all around you!
*Count how many steps there are from the kitchen to your bathroom.
*Help measure ingredients for dinner.
*Look at the different shapes in your house and tell how the flat shapes are different from the solids.
*Create math stories telling about your family. For example: "There are 3 boys living in my house and there are two girls living in my house. How many people live in my house in all? 5 people live in my house."
Sight Words
This is the current list of sight words we are working on in class.

A - a, and, away
B - big, blue
C - can, come
D - down
E -
F - find, for, from, funny
G - go
H - has, help, here
I - I, in, is, it
J - jump
K -
L - like, little, look
M - make, me, my
N - not
O - one
P - play
Q -
R - red, run
S - said, see
T - the, this, three, to, two
U - up
V -
W - we, where
X -
Y - yellow, you
Z -

Practice Suggestions:
*make words with clay
*paint the words
*write words in salt or sand
*write the words with a finger on someone's back and have them guess the word
*Feel free to share your favorite!