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Social Studies

over 3 years ago

Native Americans 




NC Customs and Traditions

Moravians (Christmas Cookie Recipe)


Colonial (recipes) 


Christmas Traditions 


Christmas at Biltmore 

Christmas at Biltmore 


Cherokee Green Corn Ceremony/Festival (Recipes) 


Scotch Irish (recipe)****great website!  Scroll down to the subheadings about Pennsylvania and the Great Wagon Rd (recipe),174,159168-242201,00.html (recipe) (recipe)




Revolutionary War in NC


Rev War in NC 

Known Battles in NC 

NC Map of Battles 

Guilford Courthouse 

Rev War Battles 

Rev War in Southeastern NC

Bentonville Battlefield 


Famous Revolutionary War Figures in NC 


First North Carolinian to die in Rev War

Nathanael Greene 

Richard Caswell 

General Francis Nash 

Abner Nash 

Betsy Dowdy/Mary Slocumb/Elizabeth Maxwell Steele 


Civil War in NC 


Map - Map of NC 





North Carolina facts and symbols

North Carolina Kids Page

North Carolina Lighthouses

North Carolina Pirates

Stede Bonnet
Anne Bonny and Mary Read