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Relay for Life Coin Drive Raised $585! 2017-2018
The Coin Drive Raised $585! Thank you for Supporting Relay for Life!

Relay for Life Coin Drive
Let's Help Cancer Research Grow!
Next week, from April 30th - May 4th, the NEHS (National Elementary Honor Society) is going to be collecting loose change for Relay For Life. There are two opportunities for you to donate to this coin drive. Each morning, NEHS students will go to classrooms to collect change from students who would like to donate. In the afternoon, NEHS students will be collecting change during carpool. (Dollars or checks made to the American Cancer Society will be accepted too.) Anyone who donates to the cause can sign a "raindrop" to be placed on the display in the front of the school. Be sure to watch how your support grows over the week.
Thanks for helping Relay for Life

Honor Society Officers Elected for 2018-2019
Honor Society Officers Elected for 2018-2019
Our Honor Society has elected the new officers for this school year. They are Peyton Currin - Vice President, Bristol Biegenzahn - President, Abygail Gerovac - Secretary
Safety Patrol for 2018-2019
Safety Patrol for 2018-2019
Tar River Elementary School would like to announce their 5th grade Safety Patrol for this school year. These students are chosen through an application process. To apply they must complete an application, have recommendations from staff members and have parent approval. These students are instrumental with arrival and departure processes in helping keep our students safe each day. Congratulations to them being chosen.

Pictured left to right:
First row: Josie Day, Maddy Jastrow, Christina Bowen, Penelope Hidalgo-Gato, Addison Preddy, Dalton Pollock, Elys Edgecombe, Sara Roberson, Lauren Ethridge, Mikayla Pollay, Bella Kiefer, Abby Gerovac, Second row: Maddie Clement, Mackenzie Edmondson, Sebastian Cronin, Madison Walker, Naima Charles, Wyatt Besaw, Alexa Watson and Nicholas Dietrich. Not pictured are, Dasyni McCray and Gavin Lawrence.
Flag Honor Guard for 2018-2019
Flag Honor Guard for 2018-2019
4th Graders Kaylee Lund and Madison Blevins have been chosen to be our Flag Honor Guard for this school year. Congratulations to these students!

Thank you to Mrs. Parrot for making our new Honor Guard vests.
Peyton Currin is our Student Ambassador
Peyton Currin is our Student Ambassador
The Student Ambassadors for the county had their meeting in November with Superintendent Dr. McLean. Our representative is 5th Grader Peyton Currin. Thank you for representing our school.
  • SPELLING BEE 2017-2018
  • Spelling Bee 2018
    Spelling Bee 2018


    Our Spelling Bee is scheduled for March 6th at 6:30 pm.

    Students who took the qualifying test and were in the top 16 are as follows:

    Morgan Congleton
    Sofia Delgado-Ogaz
    Naima Charles
    Abygail Gerovac
    Colton Feimster
    Jaimie Grimes
    Bella Kiefer
    Valerie Puca
    Tyeesha Faulcon
    Chloe Henderson
    Caylee Bertolette
    Kyndall McMillan
    Abigail Shaeffer
    Jana Tackema
    Ashlyn Touchette
    Naomi Charles
    Congratulations to these students and Good Luck!

    This year our county will be hosting a County Bee. Each Elementary School will be sending their winner to compete. This Bee will be held on March 27th. The winner of our County Bee will then travel on to the National Bee in Washington, DC.

  • Our Battle of the Books Team Brings Home the Trophy
    Our Battle of the Books Team Brings Home the Trophy
    Congratulations to our Battle of the Books Team and their Coaches, Ms. Slingerland and Mrs. Ford. They competed on March 26th with the other Elementary Schools in our County and took top honors! We are very proud of their hard work! This is the very first time Tar River has won this competition after coming in second for several years.
  • National Elementary Honor Society Inducted
    National Elementary Honor Society Inducted
    March 11th we inducted our new members of the Tar River National Elementary Honor Society. We are proud of these students and all that they have accomplished to earn this great honor.
  • Spelling Bee 2019
    Spelling Bee 2019
    An Evening of Spelling Scented by Success!

    Spirits were high as Tar River students gathered before the School Spelling Bee last Thursday night. Giggles and whispers could be heard backstage, but when the curtain opened all contestants were ready to show their amazing spelling skills to an audience full of family and friends. After seven rounds, Addison Preddy, fifth grader in Ms. Heather Wolford’s class, won the Bee in Round 8 by correctly spelling, “cologne.” Both of her parents, Billy and Jenni Preddy, her sister, and her grandmother were present to see her win Tar River’s Trophy.

    Principal Courtney Currin welcomed everyone to Tar River promptly at seven p.m., urging them to applaud for the third, fourth, and fifth graders who worked hard to get to this competition. The 17 contestants took a written test to qualify for the Bee , studying a list of 207 words at home and at school. Mrs. Currin introduced each one, thanked the officials, and recognized the National Honor Society students who greeted guests and gave out programs. She then brought Chloe Henderson, the 2018 School Champion, to the stage. Chloe, who is currently a student at Hawley Middle School, spoke about her experiences in spelling bees over the past four years. She urged all the contestants to take a deep breath, relax, and just have fun.

    Once the Moderator, Mrs. Amy Lue, reviewed the rules the Bee began with a practice round, in which each student came to the microphone to spell a word. Mrs. Currin, former principal Diane Garrison, and School Volunteer Cathy Frizzle, served as judges. Dana King, former library media coordinator, gave the words and definitions randomly selected by the Scripps National Spelling Bee. As the rounds progressed, students who missed a word left the stage to sit in the audience at the end of Round 1. At the beginning of Round 4 there were still 14 students in all three grades competing! Two students missed words in that round, and then the group on stage took a much-deserved stretch break. Words in Round 5 got a little more difficult, including seventh grade vocabulary, and five students stepped down. The next three rounds included some tough eighth grade challenge words. Every one of these elementary students spelled words that are well above their grade levels!

    Applause and whistles were showered on Addison as she successfully spelled the last word. Once the other contestants returned to their seats on stage, Mrs. Currin and Vice-Principal Mary Warehime awarded each student a medal for their participation in this year’s contest. In addition, special awards were given. Henri Charboneau, from Mrs. April Parrish’s third grade, won the Sportsmanship Award; and Naima Charles, from Ms. Wolford’s fifth grade, won the Spirit Award. Addison Preddy, from Ms. Heather Wolford’s fifth grade; Sofia Delgado-Ogaz, from Mr. Keith Green’s fourth grade; and Noah Bullock, third grader from Ms. Amy Geyer’s class, received a certificate for their Poise during practices and the competition.

    And finally it was time for the trophy! Mrs. Currin announced that Chloe Henderson, last year’s winner, would award it to this year’s winner, Addison Preddy. The three posed for photos on stage, and then Addison joined the whole group on the steps to the stage for group pictures. The evening ended in flashes from cameras and phones and big hugs from parents, families, and friends.

    Addison Preddy will represent Tar River Elementary in the Granville County District Spelling Bee on the evening of Thursday, March 14, in the Multipurpose Hall at Tar River. The other elementary schools in the county are in the process of holding their own spelling bees; eleven schools will each send one winner to the District Bee.
  • Mrs. Floyd's 4th Grade Complete Their Character Trait Project
    To learn about character and make connections in their reading and writing they completed an educational project in October.

    Students learned about different character traits. They developed a character with that trait and then wrote stories showing that trait and a character change. After completing their story they painted a pumpkin demonstrating the facial expression that their character would display.
Thank you for Giving to Wills Way and The Giving Tree!
Thank you for Giving to Wills Way and The Giving Tree!
Its all packed up and ready to be delivered! We appreciate everyone's generosity!
  • Family Storytelling Night
Hurricane Florence Relief
We here were spared the devastating effects of the hurricane last week but others in our State lost everything. To help those that have been affected by the hurricane we are sponsoring a drive to collect items that are needed immediately.
Collection dates are Friday, Sept. 21st – Friday Sept. 28th.
Below you will see the list of items we are asking for. We are asking for these specific things to make sure that items donated are the items that are needed. You can send them to school with your child or drop them off in the boxes provided in front of the school during morning arrival.
Canned goods only – vegetables, fruit, peanut butter, Chef Boyardee like foods, canned meats, manual can openers.
Hygiene items – Shampoo, Conditioner, soap, baby wipes, personal hygiene wipes, tooth paste, tooth brushes, deodorant, and hand sanitizer.
Cleaning Supplies – spray cleaners, rubber gloves, cleaning cloths, paper towels, Clorox Wipes and heavy duty trash bags.
Thank you for helping!
  • Bracelet and Pledge Card
  • C2BK (Cool to Be Kind) Club Taking Applications Now
    C2BK (Cool to Be Kind) Club Taking Applications Now
    A new club has formed at Tar River for 3rd-5th grade students. It’s called the C2BK (Cool to Be Kind) club. It is made up of individuals who want to inspire classmates to be kind, help each other and support each other. Club members are focussing on promoting kindness at school, home and in the community.
    The first meeting was held on November 7th after school. There were 58 students who attended. Each student signed their pledge card and received their bracelet to show that they are a member of the club.

    Next Tuesday, November 13th, is World Kindness Day. Each student was given the assignment to create a poster that gives a message of love and kindness that will be posted around the school.

    The Meeting Schedule is:
    Nov. 7th
    Dec. 5th
    Jan. 9th
    Jan. 23rd
    Feb 6th
    Feb. 20th
    March 6th
    March 27th
    April 10th
    May 8th
    May 22nd.

    Stay tuned for more information about the great things these students will be doing to inspire others to be kind and caring.

    Thank you to our school Counselor, Brandi Jacobs, who has started this club at the request of our Tar River Students.

    Mrs. Jacobs, TRES School Counselor
  • Creating Cards for the Holiday
    On December 5th the club met to make cards for the Will's Way Project. They created cards with the message of light. They also made cards that will be shared with Tar River Families before the Holiday.
  • Team Up Against Drugs and Bullying
  • Spellebration Jr Contest was Oct. 26th - Butner Stem Middle School 2017-2018
    Spellebration Jr Contest was Oct. 26th - Butner Stem Middle School 2017-2018
    Tar River is ready to be the Defending Champs from last year's Spellebration, Jr. We have three strong teams ready to compete! We invite everyone to come out to support them at the event and cheer them on. Thursday, Oct. 26th, 6 pm, Butner Stem Middle School's gym.

    Our Teams are:

    The Lightning Librarians - Kyndall McMillan, Gabriela Gomez, and Sofia Delgado-Ogaz

    Spelling Bee Terrapins - Chloe Henderson, Valerie Puca, Makena Shedd

    Speedy Spellers - Christa Kilduff, Colton Feimster, Charlotte Raynor

    Good Luck and let's bring home that trophy again!!
GCS Uses Smart Thermometers and is featuerd on NBC17 News
Welcome to our New 1st Grade Teacher - Ms Hanning
Welcome to our New 1st Grade Teacher - Ms Hanning
Ms. Hanning started with us on November 18th. She is the new teacher in 1st Grade. Welcome!!