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Erin Robbins, Principal

about 1 year ago

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

by Albert Einstein

Best Practices. High Expectations. 

These are the standards from which we at Tar River Elementary School operate. 

Status quo is not an option. The goals we have at TRES reflect what we hope for the students and families we have the pleasure to serve. That being, to establish and maintain an open-minded curiosity towards our world with the hope that knowledge gained from experiences broaden ones understanding and create a catalyst for further inquiry. 

We desire to continuously develop effective strategies for improvement. Improvement for our students, improvement for our teachers, improvement for our community. 

About Me.

I am proud to say I have taught and led in Granville County Public Schools for ten years and although my husband and I are originally from Pennsylvania, North Carolina is definitely our home. In January 2012, we became parents for the first time; this has profoundly affected the way I view the decisions we make for our students in Granville County Public Schools.

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

AS in Early Childhood Education

BS in Elementary Education

East Carolina University

MAEd. in Reading Education 

North Carolina State University

MSA; North East Leadership Academy Fellow

Kathy Clark, Assistant Principal

19 days ago