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Flag Honor Guard for 2018-2019
Flag Honor Guard for 2018-2019
4th Graders Kaylee Lund and Madison Blevins have been chosen to be our Flag Honor Guard for this school year. Congratulations to these students!

Thank you to Mrs. Parrot for making our new Honor Guard vests.
Responsibilty Award Given for September
Responsibilty Award Given for September
Our School Counselor, Brandi Jacobs, is educating our students about having good Character this year. Each month there will be a different trait that students learn about. September's character trait was Responsibility. Classroom teacher's observed their students and chose one or more students who showed responsibility and were deserving of the Responsibility Award. Those student's are pictured above.

We are proud of them showing their Good Character!

Safety Patrol for 2018-2019
Safety Patrol for 2018-2019
Tar River Elementary School would like to announce their 5th grade Safety Patrol for this school year. These students are chosen through an application process. To apply they must complete an application, have recommendations from staff members and have parent approval. These students are instrumental with arrival and departure processes in helping keep our students safe each day. Congratulations to them being chosen.

Pictured left to right:
First row: Josie Day, Maddy Jastrow, Christina Bowen, Penelope Hidalgo-Gato, Addison Preddy, Dalton Pollock, Elys Edgecombe, Sara Roberson, Lauren Ethridge, Mikayla Pollay, Bella Kiefer, Abby Gerovac, Second row: Maddie Clement, Mackenzie Edmondson, Sebastian Cronin, Madison Walker, Naima Charles, Wyatt Besaw, Alexa Watson and Nicholas Dietrich. Not pictured are, Dasyni McCray and Gavin Lawrence.
Terrapin Weekly News - Stay up to date
This information is sent out every Sunday night at 7:15 pm by phone and email to help keep our families informed. If you are not receiving these
phone calls please contact our front office to verify they have your correct contact information.


Our Terrapin has a name! Students will find out on Monday morning! Will it be Timmy, Tommy, Terry, or Shelly? Check out our social media on Monday to find out!

Monday night is our story telling night here at Tar River from 6 to 7:30 pm. Families are invited to dress up as their favorite story book character, and masks are welcome. You will have a chance to hear a story and parents can learn tips to use while reading to their child at home. Mrs. Currin and Mrs. Warehime will also share our Family Engagement Policy and Compact Information. Please come join us!

Monday afternoon our Book Fair will open at 4:30 and be open during out story telling event until 7 pm. It will reopen for sales next week on Monday. The rest of this week will be preview only.

This week is Red Ribbon week. Each day our student’s are asked to participate in a theme to celebrate being drug and bully free. Monday is Hat Day to put a cap on drugs and bullying. Please visit our website to find out the theme for each day.

Fall Picture make-up day is Tuesday. If your child was absent they will have a chance to take their picture for the year book. If you would like to order please request an order form from our front office.

Our Halloween dance will be held on Friday, October 26th, K-2 dance 3:30-4:30, 3-5 dance is 6- 8 pm. Tickets will be on sale each morning this week in the gym for just $5. Students can wear their costumes to the dance, but no weapons for masks. Any donations of juice pouches or individual chips are appreciated.

Battle of the Books permission slips are due to Mrs. Slingerland Monday the 22nd.

On Halloween, students may wear their costumes to school. Masks and weapons are not allowed.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night!
  • Team Up Against Drugs and Bullying
Honor Society Officers Elected for 2018-2019
Honor Society Officers Elected for 2018-2019
Our Honor Society has elected the new officers for this school year. They are Peyton Currin - Vice President, Bristol Biegenzahn - President, Abygail Gerovac - Secretary
Our Terrapin Mascot Has a Name
Our Terrapin Mascot Has a Name
Our student body suggested names and the top names were chosen and presented to the school. The staff and students had a chance to vote and when the results were tallied our Tar River Terrapin Mascot has a new name! Please let us introduce you to "Shelly the Terrapin".
Got Parent Portal??
If you have a child that is 3rd - 5th grade then you can sign-up for Parent Portal and keep up with their grades throughout the school year. All you need to do is come visit Mrs. Lue, Data Manager, in the front office to receive your student's information to create this account. An ID will be needed to prove you are the parent/guardian.
Congratulations to our Teacher and Teacher Assistant of the Year! 2017-2018
We are very proud to announce our Teacher and Teacher Assistant of the Year for the 2017-2018 year.
Our Teacher of the Year is Mrs. Lori Phillips kIndergarten teacher.

Our Teacher Assistant of the Year is Mrs. Shannon Hunnsinger, EC TA

These two were nominated and voted into these positions by their peers. We appreciate their hard work and dedication to Tar River. They are two of the reasons that our school is a great place to be!

Pest Management Notification
Notification of Pesticide Use: Our school system may find it necessary to use pesticides to control pests at your school or other school system site. North Carolina state law gives you the right to be notified annually of our school system’s pesticide application schedule, and 72 hours in advance of pesticide applications made outside that schedule, but the latter only if you request notification ahead of time using the form provided on this site.

Exemptions: Certain relatively low-risk pesticides are exempted from these notification requirements, including antimicrobial cleansers, disinfectants, self-contained baits and crack-and-crevice treatments, and any pesticide products classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as belonging to the U.S. EPA’s Toxicity Class IV, “relatively nontoxic.” Your right to be notified extends to all non-exempt pesticide applications at your school or other non-school site (office building, garage, workshop, etc.), both indoor and outdoor pesticide applications, and including applications that take place over summer recess, holidays, weekends, or after school hours.

Emergency Pesticide Use: In the event that a non-exempt pesticide must be used for a pest control emergency at your school or other site and there is not adequate time to notify you more than 72 hours in advance, and you have requested advance notice, you will receive a notice of emergency pesticide application less than 72 hours before, or as soon as possible after the pesticide application.

To request advanced notification of non-exempt pesticide applications at your school or other site, please return the enclosed form to Your School Site Contact where it will be kept on file until June 30, 2017. The contact at your school will be notified in the event advanced notification is necessary. People wishing to receive pesticide use notification for multiple school district sites should submit a form to the IPM manager at each site. You will need to submit a new copy of this form each year, and every time you wish to update or change your preferred contact information. Additional copies of this form are available by contacting your site IPM Manager at your school or by contacting Betty Hicks at 693-4613 or by email at

Click HERE to access the following:

Annual Notification and Schedule of Pest Management for School Year 2016-2017
Request for Notification before Non-Exempt Pesticide Applications
Pest Management Board Policy 9205
Hurricane Florence Relief
We here were spared the devastating effects of the hurricane last week but others in our State lost everything. To help those that have been affected by the hurricane we are sponsoring a drive to collect items that are needed immediately.
Collection dates are Friday, Sept. 21st – Friday Sept. 28th.
Below you will see the list of items we are asking for. We are asking for these specific things to make sure that items donated are the items that are needed. You can send them to school with your child or drop them off in the boxes provided in front of the school during morning arrival.
Canned goods only – vegetables, fruit, peanut butter, Chef Boyardee like foods, canned meats, manual can openers.
Hygiene items – Shampoo, Conditioner, soap, baby wipes, personal hygiene wipes, tooth paste, tooth brushes, deodorant, and hand sanitizer.
Cleaning Supplies – spray cleaners, rubber gloves, cleaning cloths, paper towels, Clorox Wipes and heavy duty trash bags.
Thank you for helping!
Our School Day Schedule
First Bell Rings each morning at 7:55.
The Tardy Bell Rings at 8 am. Students are to be in their class when this bell rings or they are tardy.

Bus Riders are released at 3:15 pm
Car Riders are released at 3:20 pm.

If your child must be checked out early our cut-off time for check-outs is 2:40 pm.

Thank you for having your student here each day in their class before 8 am ready to learn!

Daily Dismissal Time and Early Release Time Changing
To make up for the time missed due to the Hurricane our daily dismissal time is being increased by 5 minutes. We will now dismiss our bus riders at 3:15 and car riders at 3:20 beginning on October 15th.

This year our Early Release time will be changed TO 12 pm FROM 11:30 am. This will be our Early Release time from here on out for our school beginning on the October 18th Early Release day.
Here Comes the Bus APP is now Up and Working with a new Code
The bus ap, Here Comes the Bus, has not been working correctly this new school year. It is now up and running. To use the ap it will ask you for a code. That code is 82346. Please use this code and sign back in. If there are still problems please contact our Assistant Principal, in charge of buses, Mary Warehime, 919-482-2767.

We appreciate everyone's patience with the bus routes as the routes are updated for this new school year. We still anticipate times to vary for the first 2 weeks. Thank you for working with us.